Variegated pineapple


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New plant alert! This one is a bit weird and wonderful - Ananas comosus, a variegated pink pineapple plant. There's no fruit on it right now, it takes 1-2 years before it starts to appear. But when it does, you'll be rewarded with a very unique pink pineapple that will dazzle and puzzle friends and family. 

It is pet friendly, but th foliage is quite spikey, so keep it out of reach of small kids and pets. It's pictured here in our Jessie pot, but also fits nicely in our MaryAoife, Ashley, Darragh, Tina, Carol, Orlaith and Leanne pots.

This plant likes a drought, so you can let the soil dry out in between watering. At a minimum, let the top inch dry out before watering it again, but you can push it much further than that. If you're away for a few weeks, this is one you won't need to worry about. It can handle up to 3 hours of direct light, and likes indirect light as well as being shade tolerant.