Calathea zebrina (large)


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Native to the rainforests of Brazil, these guys have gorgeous dark variegation on bright emerald leaves.

Light: Best kept in a bright, humid spot away from direct sunlight. A shady spot in a bright room is good too. The golden rule for calatheas is absolutely no direct sunlight, it will quickly scorch the leaves.

Water: Water when the top 2 cm of soil is dry to the touch and make sure they are not sitting in water afterwards. 

Humidity: Calatheas LOVE humidity. You can increase humidity levels by using a humidifier, or by placing their pot over a tray filled with pebbles and water. The pebbles will keep the pot from being submerged in water, and the natural evaporation of the water will help keep the air around the plant moist. 

Feed: Feed monthly in the spring, summer, and autumn with a plant food diluted to ½ the recommended strength.

Care tips: If you have a few plants, you can group them together to help increase the humidity level around them. If you notice any leaves getting brown patches or tips, then most likely, there isn’t enough humidity. If some leaves are looking a bit shabby, don't be afraid to snip them off, more growth will be stimulated. 

Toxicity: Non toxic and safe for pets and kids. 

Origin: Brazil.