Calathea leopardina


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A gorgeous calathea, it has bright green leaves and a really glossy darker green pattern on the foliage. 

Light: Prefers medium to bright, indirect light and is sensitive to direct sunlight. Try turn your plant every once in a while for full, even growth. 

Water: Water it when the soil becomes dry at the top. It is not drought tolerant but certainly forgiving if you forget a little. In the dry winter months particularly, the foliage will appreciate a frequent misting. Check the soil 2 inches down with your finger, and if it's still dry, water it. Yellow leaves, or drooping foliage are signs of over watering so if you see them, scale down the amount of water.

Care tip: If you see any browning of leaf tips, this typically means you are under watering or there is not enough humidity. They dont like draughts or temperatures below about 15 degrees celcius, so they're not suited to really cold rooms.