Calathea whitestar


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This beautiful calathea is a real show stopper. The size we have in stock is perfect for  a decorative pot on the floor, the plant is between 70-80cm tall. 

Light: Best kept in a bright, humid spot away from direct sunlight. A shady spot in a bright room is good too. The golden rule for calatheas is absolutely no direct sunlight, it will quickly scorch the leaves. 

Water: The conditions in the room will dictate how often you need to water. Its best to check the soil by sticking your finger into it, in winter time especially we like to let the top 1-2 cm of soil dry out a little before watering again. If you're using tap water it is best to leave it to stand for a couple of hours before using, as calatheas - like a lot of houseplants prefer filtered, rain water or dechlorinated water.

Feed: Feed monthly in the spring, summer, and fall with a plant food diluted to half the recommended strength.

Care tips: If you have a few plants, you can group them together to help increase the humidity level around them. If you notice any leaves getting brown patches or tips, then most likely, there isn’t enough humidity. If only the tips are brown, it may indicate that your water contains too many minerals or chemicals. If some leaves are looking a bit shabby, don't be afraid to snip them off, more growth will be stimulated. 

Toxicity: Non toxic and safe for pets and kids. 

Origin: South America.

*Our plants and decorative pots are sold separately. Your plant will arrive in its plastic nursery pot unless you have also purchased a decorative pot.