'The Urban Wildlife Garden'


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This book by Emma Hardy is a great guide to putting into action planting and gardening techniques that will attract bees, birds, butterflies and bugs to your garden or outside space. 

It will help you learn plants to grow, how to provide nesting areas, when to prune shrubs or mow the grass and when and how to not disturb wildlife. Follow the insect-friendly ways to keep weeds under control and to deter unwanted visitors such as slugs, and learn how to make organic plant feed. Discover how to turn a pile of logs into a home for ladybirds and other insects, how to plant a hedge to provide cover for small mammals, how to create a pond (no digging involved!), and how to make simple birdhouses and feeders. No matter what size your outside space - from a single windowbox to a full-sized garden - The Urban Wildlife Gardener contains hundreds of easy-to-follow tips and techniques, simple projects, and essential plant know-how.