Dumbcane 'green magic'


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This dumbcane (dieffenbachia) has deep green leaves with a prominent white stripe down the middle. This plant will fit any decorative pot that is larger than 18cm in diameter, like BláthnaidRóisín, and Miles.

Light: Dieffenbachia like bright, indirect light but can tolerate light shade too. Lower light levels will reduce its rate of growth. 

 Water when the soil is dry 1-2 inches at the top. 

Humidity: This plant likes a normal to increased level of humidity. 

Feed: Apply a weak dose of a fertiliser around once a month during the growing season.

Care tips: This plant has huge leaves that can accumulate dust- wipe them with a damp cloth you notice any build up, it will help the plant absorb sunlight if dust free. 

Toxicity: This plant is toxic if ingested. 

Origin: Tropical America.