Mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis)


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Rhipsalis cashero (also known as mistletoe cactus) is a family of epyphitic cacti native to Central and Southern America. Epyphic plants are plants that live on top of other plants, and get their nutrients from the air or rain. This is an incredibly hardy plant and don't worry, they're not spikey! It's pictured in our Mary pot. 

Light: Bright indirect light is preferred, but also tolerant of lower light. If it's in low light, move into a brighter spot every once in a while. 

Water: Water sparingly in winter, and in spring and summer you can wait until the top inch or more of soil dries out before watering. If the tendrils turn brown and crispy, you’ve waited too long between waterings, but not to worry, they are very forgiving and will usually bounce back. They appreciate a good misting. 

Temperature: Preferably keep above 10°C.

Feed: Feed once a month in spring and summer using using succulent and cactus feed diluted by half. 

Toxicity: Non-toxic so totally safe for homes with pets.