Philodendron Plowmanii


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We're big philodendron fans, and can't help ourselves from getting in a few rare beauts like these. It is an easy going houseplant (philodendron are among the hardiest plants, happiest with typical household humidity, and temperatures), and the big heart shaped leaves have a pillowy soft look to them. These leaves can get BIG. 

We have just a handful of these in at the moment. Each plant has at least 3 leaves, with new growth on the way. They are in a 16cm diameter nursery pot and are 45cm tall. If you'd like further photos of the plants just message us on instagram or email us. They will be hand delivered in Dublin, or packed securely for nationwide delivery. 

Light: This beauty will thrive in bright, indirect light. That means close to a window, or in a bright room - but not with harsh south facing sun on it for hours.

It will be fine in semi-shade, although you might notice growth will be slower and the colouring on the leaves won't be as pronounced. 

Water: Water when the top 1-2cm of soil is dry. 

Feed: A liquid feed in the spring and summer, around every 3-4 weeks will keep it thriving. 

Care tips: This is a fairly fast growing plant, and they look great climbing up a pole. 

Toxicity: Philodendrons are toxic if ingested.