Pineapple plant


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Our pineapple bromeliad is easy going and totally over the top fun. The pineapple will grow for about 2-3 months or more, but don't throw away the plant after that. You'll soon see more shoots that will grow more fruit. We think these lads make great gifts as they're easy to mind, and are pretty funny, weird and beautiful. Looks super in our Sienna, Kevin, Frank, Jennnie and Julie pots. 

Light: Can handle a bit of direct sun, so on a bright window sill is ok. It will also be grand in indirect light. 

Water: They are drought tolerant, so its much better to let the soil get dry (at least the top two inches, but feel free to let the soil dry half way through or more) before watering again. Under watering is much safer than overwatering. If you see drooping and yellowing foliage, cut back on the watering big time. 

Humidity: This plant isn't fussy but feel free to mist it if you've got the spray bottle out for your other plant babies. 

Feed: Apply a weak dose of a fertiliser every couple of months. 

Toxicity: Pet and child safe. This is an ornamental plant, it is not recommended that you eat it. 

*Our plants and pots are sold separately. Your plant will arrive in its plastic nursery pot, unless you have also ordered a decorative pot.