Tradescantia fluminensis


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This gorgeous and easy going trailing plant is also known as 'wandering jew'. Please note that the smaller size we currently have in stock (12cm pot) is a smaller size than the one pictured, we'll have an updated photo soon.   

Light: This plant will thrive in bright to medium light. Bright light also helps it to keep its beautiful colouring. 

Water: Make sure to let the soil dry out 30-50% in between waterings. Its a sturdy plant and under watering it is far better than overwatering it. It is fast growing though and it will be thirsty in the growing season of spring and summer. 

Care tips: If the plant is getting leggy, you can pinch out the tips to encourage it to grow bushier. 

Toxicity: This plant is mildly toxic to pets. 

 *All of our plants and decorative pots are sold separately. Your plant will arrive in its nursery pot, unless you have also purchased a decorative pot.