Aspidistra (table top)


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Also known as the cast iron plant, this aspidistra elatior is as un-killable as they come. They are very, very tolerant of shade and can grow to around a metre. They were hugely popular with the Victorians, and George Orwell used it as a symbol of middle class stuffiness in 'keep the aspidistra flying'... but we reckon these dependable, attractive and easy going beauties are more than worthy of a comeback. This will become the easiest plant you own. 

It is pictured here in our Leanne pot, and a limited edition Aoife Slattery pot. Scroll down to see all of our pots that fit this plant perfectly. 

Light: All plants need some light, but aspidistras can survive practically in the dark. Any position is fine for this plant, except lots of direct sunlight. 

Water: They are very tolerant of irregular watering, but if you notice his top 1-2 inches of soil are dry, it's time to give him a drink.

Humidity: Mist  it whenever, he'll be grand with or without. 

Height and growth rate: Ultimate height is around one metre.

Feed: This is not a fussy plant, but if you want it to thrive and have a growth spurt, they do like a feed every three weeks or so in spring and summer.

Toxicity: Non toxic. 

Origin: Japan.