About us

We are hopelessly obsessed with houseplants, and we want to showcase how beautiful they are, and how satisfying it is to have them in your home. 

They bring so much to a room - a cosy and natural hit of vibrancy. You don’t need loads of cash or space to bring some green into your gaff and we hope we can inspire you, even just a little bit, to do just that. 

Hopeless Botanics was set up by Erin Thomas in the summer of 2020, during Ireland’s first covid lockdown. We started out doing pop up shops in Dublin 8, first at the Fumbally Stables, and then at Two Pups Café, and then with Jill & Gill on Stephen's Green. It's been non-stop since we started! We've since delivered thousands of houseplants to happy customers - check out our reviews on google maps and Trustpilot

We understand that buying plants online involves a leap of faith. If you were physically in a shop - you might line up a few different ones and choose the healthiest looking one that appeals to you the most - for maybe its shape, or colour, or size. You can be rest assured that we only select and deliver plants that we ourselves would merrily carry home from a shop, and we take great pride in our customer service as well.

We use recycled materials for our packaging as much as possible, and reuse or recycle the packaging that we receive. We get all our printed materials done in Dublin, and are passionate about supporting the great Irish businesses around us. We take all of our own photos, and love when we get some time to be a bit creative. We have a hard working, passionate, DIY approach at heart. 

Our plants are sourced from a range of growers across Europe, and we only buy in plants that are high quality and varieties that we absolutely love. We prioritise buying from growers that use as little packaging as possible and use paper over plastic.

We have huge love for Dublin and our neighbourhood and are working hard to create something that we are incredibly proud of, and that can be enjoyed by all our fellow plant nuts. 

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