Chinese evergreen 'Maria'


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Aglaonemas, also known as Chinese evergreens, are a great no fuss option for houseplants. They have beautifully patterned foliage are tolerant of shade and a bit of drought too - making them an ideal easy care plant for a home or office. 

This variety has lovely dark green foliage that is marbled with a lighter variegation. 

Light: Will thrive in low to bright light levels. 

Water: Aglaonema like to dry out a bit between waterings, so stick your finger a few inches down to ensure it isn’t moist just beneath the surface. Let the top two inches dry out before watering it.

Humidity: This plant can tolerate lower levels of humidity than other houseplants, but it would still love the odd misting. 

Height and growth rate: About 50cm ultimate height, this plant is slow growing and compact.

Feed: This is not a fussy plant, but they do like a feed once per month in spring and summer.

Toxicity:  Mildly toxic if eaten. Keep out of reach of children and animals

Origin: The Philippines