Chinese evergreen 'silver bay'


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This Chinese evergreen (aglaonema silver bay) is really large and bushy and great for shady spots as they’re very tolerant of lower light. They’re an easy care plant as they don’t mind if watering is irregular. 

Light: Aglaonema will thrive in low to bright light levels. 

Water: A drought tolerant plant, let at least the top two inches of soil dry out before their next drink. Do not overwater as this may encourage root rot. 

Humidity: This plant can tolerate lower levels of humidity than other houseplants, but it would still love the odd misting. 

Height and growth rate: About 90cm ultimate height, this plant is slow growing.

Feed: This is not a fussy plant, but they do like a feed once per month in spring and summer.

Toxicity:  Mildly toxic if eaten. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Origin: South East Asia.