Peperomia raindrop


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Peperomia (polybotrya 'Raindrop') have dark, glossy thick leaves. They are easy to care for but the leaves can be delicate so you have to handle them gently. 

Light: Happy in bright to medium light as well as shade. Lots of direct light is a no-no. 

Water: Only water when the soil is nearly completely dried out. This plant prefers to be on the dry side. When leaves droop, its a good sign it needs a drink. 

Humidity: These plants do like raised humidity levels, but they cope fine in normal household environment.

Height and growth rate: They grow bushy as opposed to tall, and will reach about 30cm in height. Relatively slow growing, and they like to be a bit pot bound. 

Feed: Give it a weak dose of fertiliser every 6 weeks or so in the spring and summer. 

Toxicity: Non-toxic, so its pet safe.