Philodendron fun bun


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We absolutely adore our philodendron fun bun. Its got exposed aerial roots, and a canopy of long leaves that spiral out from the stems. It's one of the coolest looking, and easy going plants around. This fun bun is planted in hydro granules which means there is no soil in the pot at all. The lack of soil reduces risk of overwatering and root rot (there's even a hardly little water metre that tells you when to water it), and they help reduce the risk of pests. 

There are only a few of these plants available every week, so it may take 10 days - 3 weeks to receive your plant. We will email you an estimated date after your order is received. 

Light: This plant will thrive in bright indirect light, but will do fine in some shade too. They don't like to be in the way of too much direct sun. 

Water: They're a big plant so will need a good drink every week to ten days depending on the room's conditions. The little water metre will give you the thumbs up when its time. 

Humidity: They like a frequent misting.

Feed: Give philo a nice liquid feed in the spring and summer. 

Care tips: Give the leaves a dusting with a soft cloth so they can absorb any of the sunshine that we might be lucky to encounter. 

Toxicity: Philodendrons are toxic to pets and humans if consumed.