Anthurium clarinervium


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Also known as Laceleaf, this rare and unusual plant has stunning dark green velvety leaves with a strong pale vein. We are delighted to be able to stock these beauties from time to time. 

Light: Show this stunner off in a room with lots of light. It’s not a good idea to put it in direct sun (in summer anyway) as it's is a bit too strong.

Water: Let the soil dry out 2cm or so on top, in between waterings. This helps to ensure you're not overwatering it. 

Humidity: As with many indoor plants, it loves humidity. Placing it in a room with moist air (like a bathroom) for a few days will help it thrive.

Height and growth rate: If thriving, they have a good growth rate and would need to be repotted every two years or so. 

Temperature: An optimal temperature is 18 to 23°C, and during the dormancy period (autumn and winter) around 12 to 15°C. 

Feed: Feed with a diluted house plant feed (on the weaker side) every month or two. 

Toxicity: Toxic if ingested. 

Origin: Mexico

Care tips: If you're ever repotting an Anthurium, it will be happiest in an orchid mix soil. The flowers are a bit unusual, and can take a lot of energy from the plant. If the flower isn't for you, just go ahead and snip it off so all the energy is focused back into the foliage.