Catch us on Room to Improve on RTÉ!

Catch us on Room to Improve on RTÉ!

We can't believe we're saying this... but we've been working with Coco Content and interior designer Karina Heaslip on the new series of Room to Improve on RTÉ. Eeeeek! A bit of a 'pinch me' moment for Hopeless Botanics. 

We selected beautiful plants and pots to compliment the renovated homes - decorating table tops, shelves and adding some large statement plants to provide natural warmth and vibrancy.

Peace lily in an Aaron pot
ZZ plant (XL) on the floor in a Suzie pot.
Photo courtesy of @ruthmariaphotos

You don't need to tell us that houseplants are key to making a home cosy, but it has been so exciting to work with interior designers that are at the top of their game dreaming up homes that are inviting and warm, and tailored to make living in as joyful and comfortable as possible for the families. 

Large Kentia palm in a Neil pot. 
Photo courtesy of @ruthmariaphotos

Episode one was the renovation of a family home in Kilmacud in South Dublin. An atrium was created to flood the home with light, and clever floor plans meant that no matter where the parents were in the house, within seconds they could step into the atrium and get a birds eye view of the living spaces - a game changer for them as one of their children has additional needs. 

Room to Improve home Kilmacud atrium irish interiors ruth maria photos

Large Kentia palm
Photo courtesy of @ruthmariaphotos

In episode two, Dermot Bannon took on the renovation of a home in Howth, in north Co. Dublin.

With the addition of a modest extension, and dormer windows in the attic, this home was transformed to suit the growing family. We adored the bifold windows that made a 'bar' out of the kitchen countertop, the sea views, and of course the wall of concealed storage that ran the length of the house. 

(Ahhhh... we can always dream I guess!)

Parlour palm easy houseplants delivered Room to Improve Ireland RTE Dermot Bannon architects

Parlour palm in a Leanne pot. 
Photo courtesy of @ruthmariaphotos

In this season of Room to Improve, there is a lot more detail given about budgets, and the price of specific works, which will be welcomed by a lot of people navigating or considering renovations.

The cost of works can be staggering and we are regularly baffled by how much renos can cost in Ireland. Having said that, the home owners on the show always seem really happy with the end result. 

Next weeks episode is a home in Blessington, Co. Wicklow and it might be our favourite reveal yet!

If you're an interior designer and want to hear more about how we can help with your project, drop us an email and we'll give you a call back. 

Or, if you want to bring some greenery into your home and aren't sure where to start - drop us an email and we can organise a short, complimentary conversation to see if we might be able to help. 

x HB 

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