Mothers day picks

Mothers day picks

We've put together a selection of plants and beautiful pots to treat the special women in your life (or yourself!) this Mother's Day. 

Easy going, classic and elegant plants

Chinese evergreens (agloanemas) are a huge favourite of ours. They prefer to dry out a bit in between watering, making them low maintenance, and they are tolerant to lower light as well. The lovely muted green tones make them elegant and understated.


Above: Chinese evergreen 'diamond bay' in a light grey Keith pot

Also availble in a larger, bushier shape, this chinesee evergreen diamond bay is a beautiful plant to fill an empty corner. 

Above: Chinese evergreen 'diamond bay' (24cm) in a sandy terracotta Neil pot

This Chinese evergreen 'stripes' below, is a more structural, upright and slender form. It is pictured in the Aoife pot, but also looks fab in the light grey Keith pot, grey-green Madison, the light pink Kate, and the Darragh pot as well. 


Satin pothos have silvery, heart shaped foliage and we ljust ove them cause they're no fuss and look great trailing on shelves or table tops. 

Satin pothos 'trebie' pictured above is in a pale pink ceraic Aoife pot. It also looks damn fine in the Darragh, Madison and Valerie pots. 

Unusual plants

If your mam has a few house plants and you'd like to gift her something a bit unusual to add to the collection, these guys might be of interest.

Lipstick plants (above) get their name from their red flowers. This deep green of this plant goes so well with the nude pink Ashley pot. 

Dumbcane 'tropic snow' (above) is an electric green, serious tropical injection into a space. The foliage is bright, big, and so so vibrant. Its pictured here in our Garry pot. It also looks super in the larger size Kate or Darragh pots. 


Maranta are also known as prayer plants, because they move throughout the day, splaying their leaves out in the day time to absorb sunlight, and folding upwards in the evening to stay warm and dissuade small animals from sheltering under, or eating them. They have a bright red vein and are one of our most favouirte and striking plants. They are easy to care for, with watering needed when the top of the soil has dried out. Our pink Kevin, bronze Jennie, white Frank, lilac Sienna, terracotta Maria, and white Julie pots all fit the maranta perfectly. 

If your mam has a really bright space, and you want to get a plant that will make a statement, a bird of paradise is a great showstopper. They can grow up to about six feet in typical household conditions, and larger if really thriving. Their large glossy leaves are stunning. 

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