Sending gifts

Green house plant in grey pot sitting on blue and white chair

Plants make wonderful, long lasting gifts, and we love how so many people are looking to spread some joy and love to friends, family and co-workers this January.

If you're thinking of sending a gift, here's a few nuggets you might be interested in knowing:

You can check out as normal on our online shop. There will be an opportunity to provide your billing address and details, and also the recipients address. 

We kindly ask that you provide the recipients phone number. This is in case the delivery company have any issue with the delivery drop off. 

All of our orders are shipped without price tags. 

During check out, there is a 'Notes' box, keep an eye out for it and feel free to insert a message to accompany your gift. We love this part, we've seen some seriously funny ones! 

We aim to send all orders within 5 working days. 

Your order will be wrapped beautifully, and handled with the utmost care by our delivery company. 

Thank you so much for thinking of us for gifting, and let us know on if we can help any further. 

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We're hiring a full time shop assistant

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