Some tips for shopping with us

Some tips for shopping with us

Our plants and decorative pots are sold separately.

All plants are sold in their plastic nursery pots. If you'd like a beautiful decorative pot to sit it inside, you can see our (gradually expanding) range in the 'pots' section. 

Remember to choose a decorative pot that is at least 1cm larger in diameter than the plant's nursery pot.

This will leave enough space to place the nursery pot inside the decorative pot. We recommend that you leave your plant in the nursery pot, and don't plant it directly into the decorative pot. If you leave it in the nursery pot, you can easily lift it out to check if there is any water collecting in the bottom of the pot. 

Indoor plant growth can be slow in the autumn and winter.

So if you don't see wild amounts of growth upon receiving your plant, don't worry... it'll take off come spring time.

All our plants are happy in their nursery pot for at least a year.

There is no need to re-pot your plant into a new nursery pot when you receive it.

A lot of house plants really like to be a bit pot bound. It keeps the balance of moisture at a good level. If there is too much soil surrounding their roots - you are potentially leaving it open to root rot - especially in winter time when it takes much longer for the soil to dry out. With certain plants (like snake plants, for example) their roots are so large and strong, they can distort the shape of the nursery pot a bit, which is nothing to be concerned about. 

Our plants are delivered without price tags on them.

So rest assured if you've sent a gift to someone. 

Shopping for plants can be great craic, try enjoy it and if you have any burning questions let us know. We love hearing feedback from our customers - tell us what plants you're on the hunt for, or send us your snaps of your plants in their new home. 

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