How to pick the right plant

There are so many gorgeous plants to choose from, and it can be tough to figure out which one will work for your space and your lifestyle.

We think everyone can be a plant person. Using the tips below, as well as our handy filter system will help you pick the right plant. 

Think about where you want it to go. 

First up, where do you want your new plant to go, and what is the light like? All plants need some light - but some need more than others. 

Get out the compass on your phone and determine what direction the closest window is facing. Most house plants will do very well in east or western facing windows. They provide a good level of sunlight throughout the day that is not too harsh. Southern facing windows have the most direct and strong light, and often suit succulents, aloes, euphorbia or cacti best. 

If low light is your issue, there are plants that can adapt (such as chinese evergreens, aspidistras and snake plants). 

Pick plants that suit your lifestyle 

Choose plants that suit your lifestyle as well as your gaff. If you travel a lot for work or go on holidays (we can dream!), you might want to consider sticking with plants that are drought tolerant and can go 3-4 weeks without a drink. ZZ plants are a great drought tolerant plant, as are snake plants, euphorbia and aspidistras.

If you have a dog, cat (or human) that likes to munch plants, stick to pet friendly plants that are wholly non-toxic, like aspidistras, palms, ferns or calatheas.

Also, choose one that you’re really drawn to

...and that you will love looking at everyday. This is the fun part! We always sound like lunatics when we say this... but what plant speaks to you!?

A few other things to bear in mind when you're shopping with us

Our plants and decorative pots are sold separately.

All plants are sold in their plastic nursery pots. If you'd like a beautiful decorative pot to sit it inside, you can see our (gradually expanding) range in the 'pots' section. 

Remember to choose a decorative pot that is at least 0.5cm larger in diameter than the plant's nursery pot, so that it can fit inside. 

Indoor plant growth can be slow in the autumn and winter. So if you don't see wild amounts of growth upon receiving your plant, don't worry... it'll take off come spring time.

All our plants are happy in their nursery pot for at least a year. There is no need to re-pot your plant when you receive it. Certain plants (like ZZ plants, for example) have large thick roots which can distort the shape of the nursery pot a bit, which is nothing to be concerned about. 

All of our plants are delivered without price tags on them, so rest assured if you've sent a gift to someone. 

Shopping for plants can be great craic, try enjoy it and if you have any burning questions let us know. Drop us a message