Maranta fascinator


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This maranta fascinator plant has seriously striking red veined leaves. They are related to calathea plants, and are also commonly called prayer plants. In the day time the leaves splay out, and at night time they fold upwards. 

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Light: They grow best in bright light (but not hours of direct, harsh light). Will also do fine in a bit of shade. 

Water: Let the top 1-2cm of soil dry out in between watering. They do prefer lukewarm water, and can sometimes get spots on the leaves in protest of the minerals found in tap water. Tap is fine, but if you can, mineral or rain water is preferred. 

Humidity: They really like humidity. If you see any brown tips on the leaves, it usually means they need a bit more of it. Let it live in a bright bathroom for a while, mist it or stand it on a pebble tray to raise humidity. 

Height and growth rate: Typically around 30cm tall and can be quite bushy. They work well in hanging planters too, like our Louise pot

Feed: They like a weak dose of liquid fertiliser every 3 weeks or so in the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity: Non-toxic.

Origin: Brazil.