Monstera adansonii


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Monstera adansonii is a trailing monstera bringing those lush tropical vibes. This size is great for table tops or desks, scroll down to see what pots work perfectly. It is in a 17cm diameter nursery pot, and is 40cm tall. 

Light: Monsteras do best in a bright room with mostly indirect light. Having them by an east or west facing window would be ideal. They famously adapt well to shadier spots, but remember all plants need some light to live. 

Water: Water when the top two cm of the soil has dried out. Mist the leaves occasionally and wiping them down with a paper towel or soft cloth will help remove dust.

Food: Feed once a month in summer and spring with a houseplant feed added to water. 

Toxicity: Monstera are mildly toxic if ingested.