Philodendron scandens (table top)


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Also called the heart leaf plant, philodendron scandens is a fast growing climber (or trailer), and one of our all time favourite trailing plants - we love the shape of the leaves, and it is just so easy to keep. Scroll down to choose a decorative pot that fits it perfectly.

Light: It will be fine in semi-shade, but does prefer bright indirect light. 

Water: Water when the top 2cm of soil is dry. Resist the urge to over water it, particularly in winter time. You might be surprised by how long it can take for it to dry out a little. 

Humidity: One of the easiest houseplant going, it is fine with normal levels of household humidity. If you feel like it, give it a good misting when you can, or a holiday in a steamy bathroom. 

Feed: A liquid feed in the spring and summer, around every 3-4 weeks will keep it thriving. 

Care tips: This is a fast growing plant so feel free to trim away to keep it bushy, or let the trails go on and on. 

Toxicity: Philodendrons are toxic if ingested.