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Heading back to the office might be a pain, or maybe it's going to be a welcome return to coffee breaks and chats with colleagues. 

Whether you're back at your old desk, continuing to work from home (or a bit of both), this is a great time of year to jazz your workspace up. A good purge of clutter on your desk can feel so damn good. 

If you're thinking about bringing some life and colour to your desk as our days get a tad darker... we have some inspiration and suggestions to get you going. 

Here are some great work set ups by some of our favourite instagram accounts. 

WFH space at no9home_drumcondra

We 100% just want to move into this next level gaff by Mark and Kieron at @no9home_drumcondra. Over the last year, we've watched as they added layer and layer of character, colour and sophistication to their home. It's such a great example of the impact large house plants can make. Check out their grid and see if you can spot their large philodendron fun bun, giant ficus el Abidjan and lush bird of paradise. While it's slick as hell, this home also has a warmth and cosyness to it... and we bet they throw a damn good hoolie. 

Work from home desk decorated with plants and greenery

Annie Bosma (@abosmadesign) uses greenery so beautifully in both her home and art. We love how she is totally surrounded by it here in her home office, from the ground right up to the ceiling! It looks like such an inspiring space to work. We spot a lush ZZ plant, satin pothos, hoyas, pilea peperomioides, rhaphidophora tetrasperma and some cuttings in the works. Check out Annie's instagram to see how much her passion for house plants shines through her gorgeous botanical illustrations and artworks. 


Grillodesigns work from home space DIY home decor

We enjoy following @grillodesigns on so many levels. Her home is vibrant but cosy, and she does so much of it herself. We love how she makes a well designed space feel accesible. She is down to earth, speaks her mind, and regularly posts about topics (like the need for more diversity in the interior design field) that we love to follow, absorb and think on. Her voice is strong and authentic, and we are total fan girls to the max. We've always loved pink and green as colour combos, but this yellow is so fresh and calling to us. We feel like everyone should have a giant African milk tree by their desk?!  

If you want to freshen up your space, or send a gift to someone to jazz up theirs,  click here for our favourite plants that are easy going enough for a home or office set up.

You could try a tall plant on the floor beside your desk or for a zoom background like a kentia palm, large monstera, or aspidistra. Or, add some interest to your desk top with a satin pothos, marble queen or maranta.  

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