Parlour palm


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Parlour palms (chamaedorea elegans) are a classic plant, and these sizes are great for a desk, a shelf, or for grouping together in multiples. Scroll down to see what pots fit perfectly. These palms are tolerant of shade, but bright indirect sunlight will keep it happiest. 

Water: Water when the soil has dried out a little on top. They really don't like to get waterlogged or soggy. 

Humidity: They can tolerate the drier air found in most homes, but if you mist it often it will keep the leaves fresh and dust free. 

Height and growth rate: Can grow up to 1.5 metres tall. 

Feed: Feed with a half strength dose of fertiliser every 3 weeks or so in the spring and summer. 

Toxicity: Non-toxic. 

Origin: Central America.