Golden pothos (table top)


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Golden pothos (epipremnum aureum, or devil's ivy) have large, glossy green leaves with cream and yellow streaks and patches. They can tolerate low light levels and look great as a hanging plant. This one comes in a 12cm nursery pot. 

Light: Like a medium level of light, and can tolerate a bit of shade. 

Water: Under watering is better than overwatering this plant. Water it when the soil is slightly dry. You will notice the leaves going a bit limp when it needs a drink. 

Humidity: Like most indoor plants they do like a bit of increased humidity. They will also adjust to normal household conditions. 

Height and growth rate: Pinch out the tips of the plant to keep it nice and bushy, or let it trail away. They are a fast growing plant and the trails can go on and on and on. 

Feed: They like a weak dose of liquid feed in the spring and summer months. Once a month or so is plenty. 

Toxicity: Mildly toxic to humans and pets, keep away from children and animals. 

Origin: French Polynesia. 

*Our plants and pots are sold separately. Your plant will arrive in its plastic nursery pot, unless you have also ordered a decorative pot.