Fiddle leaf fig


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Fiddle leaf figs (ficus lyrata) add seriously cool flair to a room. The foliage is huge and gorgeous, and they can get up to 3 metres tall in the right conditions, making them a great statement plant. This one is a metre tall and comes in a nursery pot.

We love it in the Charlie L pots.  

Light: This plant demands brightness, it is not going to be tolerant of shade. Bright, indirect light is preferable, but they can tolerate an hour or two of direct (but not harsh midday) morning or afternoon sun.

Water: Water when the soil is dry about an inch at the top. They are thirsty plants in spring and summer, but letting the soil dry a little at top helps make sure you're not overwatering. 

Humidity: No specific requirements really, but they wouldn't mind the odd misting.

Feed: Apply a weak dose of a fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season. 

Care tips: Wipe the leaves regularly, clearing them free of dust. 

Height and growth rate: Ultimate height is around 3 metres. 

Toxicity: Toxic if ingested. If a leaf comes off, there can be a small amount of sap excreted which can be an irritant so wash your hands if any comes into contact with your skin.

Origin: Western Africa.