Monstera (xl)


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Also known as the swiss cheese plant, monstera's are a great plant for bringing some tropical vibes to your gaff. They are popular for good reason - they have huge leaves that bring greenery in with a bang, and they're easy to care for. This large monstera pertusum is lush and leafy and trained up a pole.

Light: A monstera will do best in a bright room with mostly indirect light. Having them by an east or west facing window would be ideal. If it's getting leggy, it might mean it's not getting enough light. 

Water: Water when the top few inches of the soil has dried out. Wipe the leaves every few weeks to remove dust. 

Food: Feed once a month in summer and spring

Tips: If yellow leaves appear, this may be a sign of overwatering. If the leaf edges turn brown, try increasing the humidity, misting the leaves and moving it away from any strong heat like radiators.