Neem oil (Pest prevention)


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This natural oil helps deter and fight pests, it is effective against moulds, spider mites, thrips, mealy bugs and many others. We like to use it here in HB as a preventative - using a few drops of it in our watering cans when watering the plants. This 100ml bottle is enough to make 10 litres of spray.

Dilute it 1:100 with water. (For example, 2ml mixed with 200ml, 1ml drop with 100ml of water.) Spray on the leaves and soil. Don’t spray on your leaves when they are in direct sunlight. 

If using as a preventative, or if you are tackling any issues in the plant's soil, you can mix some into your watering can and water your plants. (Still follow the quantities recommended on the box).

The active components of neem oil start to degrade once it is mixed with water - so only mix what you need at the time, and try use it up in the following 24 hours for the most benefit.